Teach your Gamalon AI like you would a new employee

Thanks to a feature called Ping, we designed the AI to learn from you like a coworker or employee.

What is it?

Ping from Gamalon allows you to train your AI to answer specific questions customers ask, in real time. Each time the system is asked a question it doesn't understand, it gives customers an option to escalate the question to a human. If they choose to escalate, Ping notifies you that there is a question it needs help with and once you answer the question, it sends the answer to the customer and LEARNS the question and answer.

Like a new employee, the AI "pings" you and asks for help - then learns.

What problem does this solve?

Most chatbots aren't designed to answer questions - they are designed to gather information (like a form) or automate workflows. The first goal of Gamalon's Conversational AI is to understand AND answer your customer's questions. Ping provides a way to build the AI's knowledge over time, based specifically on what customers want to know - without a bunch of process overhead. The Ping process is like this:

Customer asks Bot > Bot Asks You > You Answer Bot > Bot Answers Customer and LEARNS

This is a super-power, because the next day, this happens:

2nd Customer asks Bot Same Question (or similar) > Bot Answers Customer


"Live chat" based systems miss an opportunity to make the AI better by doing the following:

Customer Asks Bot > Bot Transfers to Live Chat > You answer Customer

The difference is that the next day, this happens:

2nd Customer Asks Bot Same Question > Bot Transfers to Live Chat > You answer Customer

And it doesn't have to be exactly the same question. Each time Gamalon learns a question, it also learns variations of that question. In fact, we recently updated this feature and it now recognizes approximately 10x the variations that it did before!

How will I get "Pinged"

Ping is integrated with common messaging platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Mattermost to send real-time notifications of questions that need to be answered. Gamalon will also send you an email, but emails aren't very real-time and we want you to know as soon as a customer needs help.

Soon, Gamalon will add the ability for you to be notified and respond via SMS - which we're very excited about.  

Why doesn't EVERYONE do this?

One of the benefits of our deep machine learning expertise and unique (and patented) approach to AI, is that it allows us to offer features like Ping that no one else has.

Let us know if you would like a demo of the feature, or sign up free and try it yourself!

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