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By Role

Our solutions drive results across a range of needs.

  • Data Analysis

    Quickly and easily be able to get a rich, accurate underestanding of the ideas contained in your customers’ messages.

  • Product Management

    Quickly understand what customers are saying about your product to make more informed trade-off decisions, and see what features are most valued by customers.

  • Digital Marketing

    Deliver improved chat by having analytics on what topics are being discussed and get notifications when new topics surface.

  • Brand Marketing

    Have a deep understanding of what your customers are saying across all channels.

  • Information Technology Leadership

    Gamalon can easily be integrated into existing platforms to give you a superior natural language processing solution to power them.

  • Customer Experience

    Better understand the why behind your NPS scores by understanding all of the ideas in your survey open-ends at scale.

  • Data Science

    Our next generation AI enables accurate and scalable NLU for the enterprise, allowing you to better understand and respond to your customers.

By Industry

We can create solutions for customers across a variety of industries.

Our natural language solution is designed to be easily transferrable across domains. If you don’t see your industry here, contact us to see how we can help you.

  • Automotive

    Accelerate time to understanding from survey responses for faster product development cycles.

  • Telecommunications

    Structure information from distributor network to improve sales practices and bottom line.

  • Chemicals

    Enable messenger deployment to make it easier for customers to find product or company information on demand.

  • Health Insurance

    Uncover previously unknown issues via customer service surveys.

  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

    Enable faster, more reliable communication with internal stakeholders & CROs for clinical development projects.

And Beyond

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Our Tech

Revolutionizing Customer Understanding

Resources for a deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding.