Customer Experience & Feedback Management

Enabling impactful actions from customer understanding everywhere

Gamalon helps you understand your customers across channels so that you can take impactful actions for your business. Our next-gen AI reads the text of your customers’ messages, interprets and summarizes them, and makes predictions so you can create the best customer experience.

  • Read

    Whether your customers are commenting, chatting, or responding to surveys, we take your free-form text and read it.

  • Interpret

    Gamalon AI more accurately interprets customer messages from people writing naturally and can predict what will happen next.

  • Insights to Action

    Whether it’s to open a trouble ticket or respond to a customer, the Gamalon dashboard and alerts help you take meaningful customer actions.

What makes Gamalon different.

Gamalon AI was uniquely built with a focus on being able to understand words in context – or how people naturally speak – and provide richer, faster insights that enable impactful responses.

  • Profound

    Able to discern emotion and intent, creating deeper insight than standardized data.

  • Agile

    You can look for specific information in messages and unexpected trends can be surfaced quickly.

  • Enterprise Hub

    Unlike other CFM solutions, we can read and interpret text across multiple channels

  • Remarkably Efficient

    Greater accuracy with less human effort than any other platform on the market.

Supported Integrations