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For small businesses that would like to proactively engage their prospects and support customers with A.I. chat.

  • Easy setup and deployment
  • Integrations with Slack, Hubspot, Google Calendar, Facebook Messenger
  • Up to 3 products
  • Up to 50 FAQs
  • 1000 chats/month


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For mid-sized businesses that would like an A.I. chat that can do even more, including deeper and broader conversation.

  • Customer Success guided setup and deployment
  • Added integrations include MS Teams, Zendesk, Intercom
  • Up to 10 products
  • Up to 100 FAQs
  • Unlimited chats/month

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For businesses that need a very wide ranging A.I. chat, capable of complex conversation.

  • Custom onboarding
  • Custom integrations
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Unlimited chats/month


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