The chat solution you've always wanted.

Deliver better conversations to every lead with Gamalon IdeaFlow. Deployed in minutes, not months. No reps needed.


Companies Large and small use our conversational platform to build trust with their customers and grow their business.

Customer Chat

Give smart, truly helpful chat to every customer, everywhere.

Learns by reading your website.

IdeaFlow learns like a new sales rep, by reading your website and product information. It can talk to customers about your products, use cases, pricing, and more. What’s more, IdeaFlow learns new ideas from its conversations and gets smarter over time.

Automated dialog.

Stop toiling over scripted dialog flows and decision trees. IdeaFlow is powered by Gamalon's revolutionary A.I., called Idea learning, which focuses on understanding your customers' needs and delivers a customer-centric buying experience, every time.


Instant Conversational FAQs.

IdeaFlow automatically identifies your customers’ most frequent questions, learns the answers to those questions, and then delivers instant responses for all your website’s visitors.


Capture & Qualify Leads.

With IdeaFlow, you can understand the nature of each visitor's interest in your company, in real time. IdeaFlow analyzes conversations to capture and qualify your most promising leads.


Eliminate Chatbot Blindness.

The most innovative chat solution deserves the most seamless conversational UI available. No more clunky chat boxes. IdeaFlow’s seamless experience gives you a truly conversational website.

How we did it.

Conversational A.I. that serves your business and your customers.

Powered by Idea Learning

The most accurate approach to language AI.

Asks Clarifying Questions.

Asks questions to better understand your customers.

Custom auto-correct.

Learns strange product/feature naming conventions.

Maintains Multi-threaded context.

Keeps track of answered questions in non-linear conversations.

Fits Your Unique brand.

Cultivate your own brand voice.

Unlimited product dimensions.

Learns infinite products, features, use cases, etc..

Conversational learning.

Never answer the same question twice.

Transparent and Editable.

Easily audit and edit IdeaFlow knowledge.

The others don't compare

We designed a product to win.

  • IdeaFlow
    Traditional Chatbots
  • Learns by Reading Content
  • Conversational Training
  • Powered by Idea Learning
  • Innovative Chat UI
  • Scales without People
  • Excessive Data-labeling
  • Tedious Dialog Scripting

A Cross-industry Solution

We are an industry-agnostic solution, with customers ranging from automotive to saas.


Software companies and tech startups are constantly looking for an advantage, and more efficient ways to delight customers. IdeaFlow understands critical use cases like lead capture and customer support.


One of the biggest challenges for auto companies is training front line sales and support reps to answer every conceivable question a customer might ask about an extensive product catalog - IdeaFlow eliminates this problem.

Life Sciences

Complex product catalogs with specialized ingredients make customer engagement difficult to scale. IdeaFlow delivers an unparalleled ROI for life sciences and biotech companies looking to offer conversational interactions.

Consumer Goods

Consumers don't always need to talk to a human being, they just want answers quickly and efficiently. No other conversational solution can compete with IdeaFlow for delivering scalable customer engagement for consumer goods companies.

Edge of the Cutting-edge

Introducing Idea Learning, the A.I. industry’s first compositional deep learning approach.

A human-centered machine learning approach.

We've developed a new approach to machine learning called Idea Learning that combines Abstract Supervision with modular language generators to change something that's been true about machine learning for 60 years: that humans writing rules for machines and machines learning from data are mutually exclusive. Idea Learning makes the relationship between the business users and the AI transparent and straight forward. Ideas are compositional building blocks that you can read and edit within your IdeaBase.

Idea learning represents the clearest pathway yet to exponentially increasing Artificial intelligence.

Don't just take our word for it - we have competed head-to-head with the leaders in AI and have exceeded the number of ideas/dollar by 100x.