I bet you have lots of ideas. Let Gamalon find the winners.

Test more ideas, faster, on fewer leads. All with our A.I.-powered email experimentation tool.

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What’s in it for
your company

Our AI optimizes your marketing messages by testing multiple ideas within one email. That means burning through fewer contacts in far less time to get your audience what they’re looking for.

Here’s how we can drive revenue through the marketing organization at your company.

  • 1. Test multiple ideas at once

    Move over tradition A/B testing. Why not test multiple subject lines, buttons, copy, all in one email?
  • 2. Segment your audience

    Create targeted messages by customizing content for titles, departments, verticals, and more.
  • 3. Increase conversions

    Better targeting means higher conversions. And we get you there in less time.
  • 4. Churn fewer contacts

    Triple your conversions and optimize messaging on 200 contacts in two days.
  • 5. Deliver the right message

    Know the best way to engage your audience. Then share those learnings across your org.
  • 6. Drive revenue

    Emails create opportunities. Do you know how much an email is worth to your business? We’ll increase it 10x.
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Revolutionize outcomes,
not workflows

Deliver results in one day without changing the way you work. Use your existing email platform to send emails from your own domain. Plug all your creatives, data, and learning right back into your marketing automation platform.

Three simple steps

  • 1. Create an experiment.

    Our email composition tool makes it easy to build and test out all your ideas.
  • 2. Choose your audience

    Our machine learning platform lets you run definitive tests while reducing contact churn.
  • 3. Identify the winning ideas.

    We deliver results that plug directly into your marketing automation tool.
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