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We dare you to find one other solution that can double your click through rates in your first week. It’s time to get aggressive about email experimentation.

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“Gamalon enabled us to quickly adjust and refine our message to C-Suite executives, resulting in a 100% higher open rate.”

Melodye Mueller
Melodye Mueller Head of Marketing Chaos Search

Technology Company

Developing Cold Email Ideas for a New Persona

A technology company needed to penetrate a new market segment and needed to find out which “ideas” would activate a new persona. This company used Gamalon to experiment on small sample lists of less than 200 people to find which ideas drove engagement.



Existing open rates within first week.


0 to 8.35%

Increase in click through rates within first week.

SaaS Company

Finding Beta Customers

A SaaS company launching its beta product was searching for a solution for targeted customer acquisition, allowing them to email a pre-qualified contact list.



Existing open rates, up to 43%.


1.8% to 9.5%

Increase in click through rates

Technology Company

Lead Re-targeting

A technology company was looking for ways to increase lead list yield on leads that had been emailed but not engaged. Prior retargeting messaging wasn’t working, so the company deployed Gamalon email experiments.




Industry-leading optimization

Companies need to quickly test and refine marketing campaigns. Single split A/B testing is an antiquated approach that costs your team time and resources. Through Gamalon’s email experimentation, customers can optimize their campaigns and begin converting leads to customers more effectively.

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