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Gamalon can help your grow faster with fewer resources by automating customer experience and responding to customers faster.

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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen

Head of Marketing, AskCody

“It doesn’t feel like software.

It feels more like...a new employee.”

Stand out from the crowd with better self-service, 24x7 conversational support, and instant responses.

- Automate sales and support for Complex Products -

A Shorter buying cycle.

Gamalon helps direct-to-consumer brands selling more complex products like insurance products, connected devices, wearables, smart home products, and technology products increase conversion rates by reducing buying cycles.

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Automate Support

Automate up to 82% of customer support questions, reducing costs and improving customer experience and NPS.

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Eliminate negative decision-tree based interactions with automated 

Eliminate negative, formulaic decision-tree interactions with Gamalon’s unique AI-powered dialog engine.

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Uniquely Capable for large 
catalog businesses

With tens of thousands of products, no human chat rep can possibly know everything about every product - but Gamalon AI can automatically ingest your entire product catalog and all relevant features and metadata.

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Supercharge your existing marketing & customer experience stack with AI Chat.

Melodye Mueller

Head of Marketing, Chaos Search

“Gamalon enabled us to quickly adjust and refine our message to C-Suite executives, resulting in a 100% higher open rate.”

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