You need to get the most conversions per SDR.

Gamalon’s AI monitors chat and helps your SDRs generate more opportunities.

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It comes down to coaching them to be much more effective with customers.

Are your reps saying the right ideas to customers, and expressing them well? It’s impossible to read all of the chat transcripts yourself every day, and coach every rep individually, daily.

Gamalon Artificial Intelligence automatically reads chat transcripts, extracts the ideas and wordings that work to convert customers, and emails a “newsletter” to each SDR each morning with suggestions for things to say (and things not to say to customers) based on what is truly, statistically, mathematically working across the team. We will also send you a daily synopsis of what your team is talking about, and what kind of messaging is leading to you achieving your sales goals.

How it

We have been able to help growth companies with SDR’s on web chat rapidly get a 1.5x boost in customer conversions per SDR. Now two SDR’s can now do the work of three SDR’s.

  • 1. Integrate

    Integration into whatever chat/communication tool used (we can analyze chat, email, phone calls, etc.)

  • 2. Watch

    Monitoring the content

  • 3. Learn

    Sending daily synopses and providing access to our dashboard