An AI Assistant with
deep analytics

Improve knowledge sharing, enable automation to reduce process dependency on individual employees and improve experience.
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We’re powering a superior AI Assistant that talks naturally with people.

Gamalon’s conversational interface uses Idea Learning to provide a highly accurate dialogue. It asks clarifying questions, so it can quickly understand your customer’s intentions.

Context Memory

Gamalon Assistant interprets new information in light of a conversation’s established context. When appropriate, the Assistant streamlines interactions by surfacing relevant details mentioned earlier on in the conversation.

Multiple Intents

When a customer expresses interest in multiple topics, Gamalon Assistant empowers them to explore these topics in the order of their preference. The user’s intent never slips through the cracks.

Clarifying Questions

Powered by Idea Learning, Gamalon Assistant is able to navigate vagueness in its conversations. When it is unsure about the customer’s intent, the Assistant asks clarifying questions to resolve the ambiguity.

Gamalon Studio

Idea Learning powers Gamalon Studio–a fundamentally new kind of real-time analytics suite.


Idea Learning surfaces all of the different topics and themes inside the inquiries from users, even if there’s more than one idea per message.

Gamalon Studio Headlines

Key Benefits

Idea Learning will transform your organization’s ability to understand and respond to the needs of your customers.

  • Automatically Discover

    Automatically surfaces the new things your customers are saying.

  • Continuously Monitor

    Save the stories you care about most so you can keep an eye on them as your organization works to address the issue.

  • Immediately & Accurately Respond

    Your natural language engine learns on the go, incorporating new topics and asking clarifying questions when needed.

  • Any Text or Voice

    We can read and interpret sentences, paragraphs, or full conversations.

  • Any Software or Channel

    We can make sense of natural language data across all your channels, in any format.

  • Any Language

    We can read and understand any language.

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    Lower total cost of ownership

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    Secure, GDPR compliant deployment

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    Auditable & Editable

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