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What We Do

Interpret Unstructured Data at Scale

A Common Problem

Knowing what your customers are saying is crucial for your business. The richest feedback is often buried not in NPS scores, but in the spoken and written messages your customers share. Companies need to understand natural language at scale in order to stay competitive, but most solutions are difficult and time consuming to set up and maintain, and only provide surface insights.

Natural Language Engine

Solution: Idea Learning

Gamalon helps you understand your customers across channels so that you can take impactful actions. It reads the text of your customers’ messages, interprets and summarizes them, and makes predictions so you can create the best customer experience.

Gamalon Studio

Idea Learning powers Gamalon Studio–a fundamentally new kind of real-time analytics suite.


Idea Learning surfaces all of the different topics and themes inside your customer messages, even if there’s more than one idea per message.

Gamalon Studio Headlines


This feature extends your preferred customer metric, such as NPS, to include the wealth of information contained in natural language data.

Gamalon Studio Impact


Sentiment analysis interprets the emotions hidden in your customer messages and allows you to identify the most urgent pain points for your customers.

Gamalon Studio Sentiment

We’re powering a superior AI Assistant that talks naturally with people.

Gamalon’s conversational interface uses Idea Learning to provide a highly accurate dialogue. It asks clarifying questions, so it can quickly understand your customer’s intentions.

Context Memory

Gamalon Assistant interprets new information in light of a conversation’s established context. When appropriate, the Assistant streamlines interactions by surfacing relevant details mentioned earlier on in the conversation.

Multiple Intents

When a customer expresses interest in multiple topics, Gamalon Assistant empowers them to explore these topics in the order of their preference. The user’s intent never slips through the cracks.

Clarifying Questions

Powered by Idea Learning, Gamalon Assistant is able to navigate vagueness in its conversations. When it is unsure about the customer’s intent, the Assistant asks clarifying questions to resolve the ambiguity.

Use Cases

There are a lot of ways we can help.

Our business solutions often apply across industries and sectors.

  • Digital Assistant Integration

    If you’re already building or have an AI Assistant, Gamalon can help you quickly and easily build or maintain it.

  • Improved Chat

    Gamalon improves your chat through automatic, continuous A/B testing to find the best conversation flows.

  • Insight Discovery Across Channels

    Deeper, more reliable insights from customer conversations across your communication channels.

  • Product Roadmap Planning

    Faster, deeper insights to help inform product development or identify new product opportunities.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Easily determine which Ideas best motivate prospective or current customers.

  • Product Quality Monitoring

    Automatically discover new topics your customers are saying, allowing for faster identification of issues if they arise.

  • Call Center Efficiency

    More accurate interpretation of calls that come in for intelligent routing or response.

  • Conversational FAQs

    Make institutional knowledge more accessible by transforming a long list of FAQs into a conversational interface.

  • Clinical Trial Management

    Clinical Trial system users can more quickly and easily share information.

Key Benefits

Idea Learning will transform your organization’s ability to understand and respond to the needs of your customers.

  • Automatically Discover

    Automatically surfaces the new things your customers are saying.

  • Continuously Monitor

    Save the stories you care about most so you can keep an eye on them as your organization works to address the issue.

  • Immediately & Accurately Respond

    Your natural language engine learns on the go, incorporating new topics and asking clarifying questions when needed.

  • Any Text or Voice

    We can read and interpret sentences, paragraphs, or full conversations.

  • Any Software or Channel

    We can make sense of natural language data across all your channels, in any format.

  • Any Language

    We can read and understand any language.

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    Lower total cost of ownership

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    Secure, GDPR compliant deployment

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    Auditable & Editable

Made Easy

Gamalon can handle text data from any of your communication channels and software data stores, in any format.

We offer API integrations for most major third-party marketing, CRM, and voice-assistant management systems.

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