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Find out how Gamalon delivers Personalized conversations that capture more top-of-funnel traffic, improve lead capture, and increase conversions.

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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen

Head of Marketing, AskCody

“It doesn’t feel like software.

It feels more like...a new employee.”

Conversation for every moment in the journey

Top of funnel: Capture More Traffic

Conversational Landing Pages

Create conversational product experiences designed around a focused goal. Deploy unlimited landing pages to test, iterate, and increase conversion.

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Personalization, optimized for each stage.

Offer your customers personalized conversation, tailored to their expressed preferences, to communicate your understanding.

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Product Information on-demand.

Accelerate your funnel by keeping customers engaged and informed at critical moments in their buying journey.

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Convert with Assisted Self-service

Guided Product & Content Recommendations

Ask your customers leading questions to provide more personalized, useful product & content recommendations.

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Conversational Calls-to-action

Create action buttons that can act as conversational commands to progress chat further, or provide a link out to a different URL.

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Support: Automate 80% of questions

Conversational FAQs

Convert existing FAQs and knowledge base content into instant conversational knowledge and help customers bypass search and help portals.

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Automate Transactional Workflows

Empower customers with self-service features like order status lookup, shipping status and tracking, order cancellation management, and returns/exchange management.

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Escalation Options

Complete 3rd party support ticket forms directly in chat, transfer to a live person-based chat, and schedule support calls when reps are available.

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Supercharge your existing marketing & customer experience stack with AI Chat.

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