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Add Gamalon AI seamlessly to Zendesk Live Chat to deflect >90% of repetitive questions in a conversational way.

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Easy Setup & Deployment

CEO, Rapid Screening

“Gamalon was the first conversational AI that looked like it could actually do what i wanted - help customers 24x7 without needing live chat reps to help with sales. We know that most customers coming to our site could use some help, but generally ask similar questions - so I wanted a solution that could automate answers and do it in a friendly, conversational way. Gamalon delivered!”

More Effective than AnswerBot

Gamalon makes assisted self-service more natural and faster than keyword searching FAQs. Better understanding your customers with leading NLU (Natural Language understanding) and use content outside of your Zendesk FAQs to teach Gamalon's Conversational AI to handle even more questions automatically.

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Gamalon typically answers 75% of customer questions in the first 30 days

Don’t let Dumb Chatbots irritate you or your customers

No need to change out your current chat implementation

Gamalon works by answering questions in your existing Zendesk chat window

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Seamless Escalation to Live Reps

When Gamalon can’t answer a question, it can send it to an available agent or other escalation paths as needed.

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Create automated workflows as responses to key questions

Don’t just answer the question by giving them a URL, Gamalon AI can walk customers through processes and update 3rd party systems as part of the conversation.

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Use Gamalon for sales on marketing pages

Gamalon AI can also act as a virtual sales assistant on your marketing site, using our own chat front end to keep the marketing and support experiences separate.

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Integrates with other Key Systems

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For any business or enterprise that would like to immediately begin proactively engaging their prospects and support customers.

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