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Conversational journeys that help your customers, without chat reps.

Introducing a robust modern-day messaging app with intelligent type-ahead, a mobile-first approach, rich media, and more. Give your customers the answers they looking for in the most efficient way possible.

Valuable on Day 1.

Automated Dialog

No more decision trees and dialog flows. Chat that actually learns

Instant FAQs

Eliminate 50%+ support requests by automating your front line.

Capture & Qualify Leads

Quality is still king. Less hoops = happier leads.


Gamalon Chat is a messaging experience that works the way your customers want – instantly and on their terms.


We gave Gamalon Chat an interface that removes all barriers to getting answers. It’s always on, ever present across your website, with instant answers.

Engineered for Efficiency

Almost 97% of web visitors leave because they didn’t find what they were looking for. Gamalon Chat is designed for speed-to-information, helping more customers find what they need. Features like type-ahead give your customers the efficiency conversation, backed by the latest in AI.

Mobile Chat Solved

Your website is mobile friendly, keep your customers from leaving with a deeply integrated mobile experience. Gamalon provides the most seamless mobile chat solution.

Empower your customers with the informaton they want, when they want it.



More than words. Get and keep attention with emojis, images, GIFs, video, embedded content and more.

Whether you are helping a customer determine if your product is right for them or if you are providing support to resolve an issue, multi-media messaging is essential in delivering a useful experience.

REAL A.I. Saas

Conversational AI - as easy to use as SaaS.

Gamalon is a powerful AI platform that improves your customer’s experience, while allowing you to edit the experience to fit your brand. Automation with total transparency.


What if you could manage an Artifical Intelligence as simply as adding text to a spreadsheet?

A Clear, Usable Ontology

IdeaBase is a functional interconnected ontology of your business’ knowledge. Paired with advanced machine learning, it renders conversational intelligence for your customers anytime you launch an update.

Real-time Team Collaboration

Invite your teammates to work together in IdeaBase. Update or expand your A.I.’s knowledge in real-time.


IdeaBase powers a real-time analytics suite that supports business KPIs and customer-driven business insights.

Lead Performance

Automatically track lead generation and qualification across all conversations. No need for a human to classify the conversation, domains, intents or outcomes.

Conversational Insights

Find gaps in A.I. performance and understanding, and quickly update IdeaBase to improve performance.

A.I. First

We built an intelligent chat that can learn, so that it can serve your customers 24/7.

Ultimately, web-based chat needs to empower your customers to make decisions–to decide whether to learn more, when to speak with a sales rep, how to solve a problem, and when to buy. We’ve created A.I. that can easily adapt and learn what your customers need to know, and it powers the all-new Gamalon Chat.

Supercharge your existing marketing & customer experience stack with AI Chat.

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