Make customers happy AND save money.

Gamalon enables assisted self-service experiences like never before–an automated chatbot powered by next generation AI to assist your customers, so your customers’ questions are answered, everytime.

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Lars Ørhøj Lauridsen

Head of Marketing, AskCody

“It doesn’t feel like software.

It feels more like...a new employee.”

Efficient, knowledgeable A.I. chat for people browsing, buying, needing support, and beyond.

Easier to setup:
Put your existing 
content to work

Upload your existing FAQs, Knowledge base, product catalog, and other available content into Gamalon Chat’s conversational engine and deploy a Chatbot that can support your audience and customers regardless of where they are in their journey.

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Watch it get smarter and improve your ROI.

Review conversions conversational behavior metrics, and clustered transcripts to understand your strengths and weaknesses in supporting your customers in their journey.

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Goodbye blackbox.
Hello transparency
 & maintainability.

Our natural language models can update themselves so you don’t have to, but knowledge is power, so you can see what your A.I. looks like, and even edit it directly, anytime you want.

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A conversational system designed 
for your business, no matter your size.

Sales + Support chat for a unified customer experience

Your customers see a button that says “chat” and want help, whether that means a sales question or a support problem. Meet their expectations with a single, standard conversational experience powered by Gamalon AI.

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Automate repetitive customer questions. Everyone wins.

Gamalon’s Patented AI approach is designed around interactive learning. This means your AI Chat can learn from every customer conversation. If it has a question about how to respond, you can teach it something new, so that it can answer your customers correctly, every time.

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IVR-bots aren’t good for you or your customers.

We’ve invested millions in creating robust, efficient conversational behavior, so that your business doesn’t have to create a rules-based workflow for your prospects and customers. You can now give your customers a chat that understands what they say.

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How do we perform
 compared to humans?

Gamalon’s AI chatbot performs nearly as well as live chat (5%+ conversion) while reducing the need for human reps.

  • -> Convert more visitors to qualified leads
  • -> Accelerate conversions to trials and purchases
  • -> Deflect support emails and phone calls with instant support
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Supercharge your existing marketing & customer experience stack with AI Chat.

Melodye Mueller

Head of Marketing, Chaos Search

“Gamalon enabled us to quickly adjust and refine our message to C-Suite executives, resulting in a 100% higher open rate.”

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