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Gamalon is less frustrating for you AND your customers. It learns from existing content like your website and sales training materials and ongoing conversations. Yes, it actually learns.

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Gamalon delivers useful knowledge that converts. No fake human chat responses–just clear, efficient communication.

Conversations =
personalized engagement

Gamalon performs like live chat (5%+ conversion) while reducing the need for human reps to answer customers over time. This is made possible because of its multi-turn responses and proactive engagement, both designed to lead customers to their goal, whatever it is.

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Enable your visitors to ask whatever they want, so that you can capture more top-of-funnel web traffic. No more forcing customers to wait for a response.

Conversational AI that

learns from every chat.

Gamalon’s Patented AI approach is designed around interactive learning. This means your AI Chat can learn from every customer conversation. If it has a question about how to respond, you can teach it something new, so that it can answer your customers correctly, every time.

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Don’t worry, we won’t make you read about our 57 patents ; )

Supercharge your existing marketing & customer experience stack with AI Chat.

Melodye Mueller

Head of Marketing, Chaos Search

“Gamalon enabled us to quickly adjust and refine our message, doubling results.”

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