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Unlocking Opportunity with AI

At Gamalon, we believe that fundamental machine learning advances are required for enterprises to unleash the full potential of AI. That’s why we’ve spent the last four years developing a system that learns orders of magnitude faster than state of the art, is easily extendable to specific domains, is completely auditable, and understands complexity and nuance.

  • extendable
  • fast
    Learns Quickly
  • understands-nuance
    Understands Nuance
  • auditable

A New Approach

As enterprises have built machine learning into business units, they’ve discovered limitations that make traditional approaches not viable for the hardest problems. It can take months and millions of dollars to train a neural network, at which point business opportunities have already passed. Simplistic “stimulus-response” is not multi-dimensional enough to perform the complex data synthesis that enterprises require.

Gamalon’s new approach to machine learning makes it possible to train an artificial intelligence with orders of magnitude less training data than traditional approaches. With richer outputs that take the unique aspects of your business into account, your company’s machine learning efforts can work in lockstep with business priorities.

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