Conversational AI
that actually learns.

Gamalon has created the first chatbot that learns to talk to customers simply, without laborious decision trees or labeling training data. Don't make customers wait for chat reps to answer, provide fully automated front line sales and support for your website.


We’re humbled by the barriers we’ve broken through and the recognition we’ve received for it.

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Automate 1:1 Customer engagement with AI-Chat


Gamalon Chat: The leading solution for assisted self-service

The best way to deliver a personal, delightful experience to every customer is to instantly give them what they need. No form bots to nowhere, but a website assistant that's always available and is designed to extend the purpose of the website via conversation - to help your customers simply find what they’re looking for.

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The Fastest way to Find the Right Message Every Time


Gamalon Optimize: Email Marketing that Learns

Gamalon Optimize was designed to self-optimize email marketing. Powered by Idea Learning, it enables any marketing team to maximize open and click-through rates through micro-variant language testing*. A/B testing is too limiting, taking too much time to learn the best concepts and ideas for each customer segment. Gamalon Optimize can rapidly optimize across dozens of ideas within each email experiment, on fewer leads than traditional testing.

A New Generation of Benefits

Our products have a unique set of benefits.

Automatically Discover

Automatically surfaces the new things your customers are saying.

Continuously Monitor

Star the stories you care about most so you can keep an eye on them.

Immediate & Accurate

Immediately incorporates new topics into an AI Assistant that is accurate and fast-learning.

Any Text

We can read and interpret sentences, paragraphs, or full conversations.

Any Software or Channel

We can read text data from any of your communication channels and software data stores, in any format.

Any Language

We can read and understand any language.

Success Stories

ChaosSearch was able to double click-through rates in 2 experiments - something that wouldn’t be possible with any other email marketing application.”

Melodye Mueller, Chief Marketing Officer at ChaosSearch

Edge of the Cutting-edge

Introducing Idea Learning, the A.I. industry’s first compositional deep learning approach.

A human-centered machine learning approach.

We've developed a new approach to machine learning called Idea Learning that combines Abstract Supervision with modular language generators to change something that's been true about machine learning for 60 years: that humans writing rules for machines and machines learning from data are mutually exclusive. Idea Learning makes the relationship between the business users and the AI transparent and straight forward. Ideas are compositional building blocks that you can read and edit within your IdeaBase.

Idea learning represents the clearest pathway yet to exponentially increasing Artificial intelligence.

Don't just take our word for it - we have competed head-to-head with the leaders in AI and have exceeded the number of ideas/dollar by 100x.