Take Impactful Actions with Customer Understanding Across Channels

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Customer Intelligence

Gamalon helps you understand your customers.

Gamalon helps you understand your customers no matter where they’re posting, responding to surveys, or chatting so that you can take impactful actions for them and for your business.

We read the text of these messages, interpret and summarize it in a clear dashboard. Our system also alerts you to new information or unexpected trends so that you can consistently create the best customer experience.

Case Studies

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What Makes Gamalon Different.

  • Profound

    Able to discern emotion and intent, creating deeper insight than standardized data.

  • Agile

    You can look for specific information in messages and unexpected trends can be surfaced quickly.

  • Enterprise Hub

    Unlike other CFM solutions, we can read and interpret text across multiple channels

  • Remarkably Efficient

    Greater accuracy with less human effort than any other platform on the market.

  • Auditable

    Models can be updated and changed without needing more training data.

  • Language-Agnostic

    Can be adapted to any language.