Want to know what’s inside your millions of customer messages?

We can help with our natural language AI platform.
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Machine learning for your business is a journey – it needs to rapidly adapt as your business and customers evolve.

Our next-gen AI, Idea Learning, reads the text of your customers’ messages, interprets and summarizes them, and makes predictions so you can create the best customer experience.


A CX Game Changer

  • Automatically Discover

    Automatically surfaces the new things your customers are saying.

  • Continuously Monitor

    Star the stories you care about most so you can keep an eye on them as your organization works to address the issue.

  • Immediately & Accurately Responds

    Immediately incorporates new topics into an AI Assistant that is accurate and fast-learning because it asks clarifying questions.

  • Any Text

    We can read and interpret sentences, paragraphs, or full conversations.

  • Any Software or Channel

    We can read text data from any of your communication channels and software data stores, in any format.

  • Any Language

    We can read and understand any language.

Our Tech

Revolutionizing Customer Understanding

Resources for a deeper understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding.